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Selling a house can be a very involved process. By keeping track of your progress and staying informed, you can eliminate many of the pitfalls, time delays, and aggravations that can erupt at any time during the house selling period.
  1. Select a REALTOR in whom you have confidence. Ask family and friends for recommendations. Schedule an appointment to meet with the REALTOR; give him the opportunity to inspect your home. Gather documents the REALTOR will need to market your property (i.e., deed, survey, list of any major repairs/upgrades you've made). Take this time to ask questions about the selling process. Learn of the REALTOR's marketing plan and how he will communicate with you. Convey your moving plans to your REALTOR, and consider him in your relocation. Then, "list" your home for sale.
  2. Prepare your home for sale. If necessary, spend time following suggestions the REALTOR may have made for repairs or improvements, both inside and out, that will command its highest and best sale price in the least amount of time. These suggestions may include uncluttering, organizing, cleaning, and maintenance/ repairs.
  3. At "SHOWTIME!" always be prepared for potential buyers to tour your home. Keeping up daily with housekeeping tasks will be easier for you and your family. Inside, turn on lights, and open shades & drapes. Deodorize pet areas. Set the heat or air conditioning at a comfortable temperature. Play soft music, and turn off the TV. Do a "once-over", cleaning & vacuum, sweep, dust, and check every room. Outside, pick up toys & lawn tools, clear driveway & walk areas, and remove obstructions (i.e., garbage cans) from the curb view. Finally, give the potential buyers privacy when viewing your home & take a break & go for a walk, or go shopping or visit a friend during the tour.
  4. Make moving plans early & be prepared and don't wait until the last minute. The first customer who views your home may be its next owner!
  5. Know what is involved at closing (settlement). Your REALTOR will be your guide through this process. He can inform you about inspections and other details that will take place before your move.